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Onebitsoft is a product + project development and consultancy firm. We have certified and highly experienced technology gurus at Onebitsoft ensuring success at all our endeavors. Our expert team makes it their mission that our clients and customers reach their desired IT goals, through employing our services.

We weigh all of our decisions and implement the ones that give maximum benefit to our clients.

That’s a win-win for us as the success of our clients essentially comes back to us. Our success is directly proportional to our clients’. We value our customers like our own. It’s our goal to help our customers gain a competitive edge in the market.

Powered by a desire to solve complex development challenges, we engineer products and equip our customers with the cutting-edge technology that has the potential of transforming brands.

We take pride in having a set of brains capable enough to face the portfolio challenges in today’s fast paced business environment run by windows and apples of the tech world.

We know what a difference it could make to have the right products and project management tools and how it can enhance your business processes and augment efficiency to stay competitive in today’s global market.


Our multifaceted team of IT professionals gives us the leverage to provide you a wide array of IT services. We also provide IT consultancy for the smooth running and implementation of a new project. Let us know if what you aspire for is not covered below. We would love to serve you.
Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).
Web Development Onebitsoft’s bees’ will work closely with you to understand your needs, goals and business objectives. Whether it’s a small-scale interactive promotional website that you’re seeking or, a large-scale eCommerce website, or an enterprise level application; we will provide assitance . Our web development strategies focus on acquiring and retaining customers. Our user-friendly designs and focus on functionality will turn your website into a lead generating tool.
Desktop Development. Desktop development covers guidance for building the user experience portion of a solution. This includes guidance for building client-side applications, mobile device applications, Web applications, and rich internet applications (RIA).
Desktop Development Our Team has experience of years in the designing & developing of scalable applications, tailor made to suit our clients' requirements. Our solutions help build new processes, business models, and performance levels. Our Desktop Application methodology is guided by expert skill leveraged through technology, verification, and validation practices. We ensure efficient project delivery and support services, making use of industry accepted software development practices for each project we handle.
Mobile app development is a term used to denote the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.
Mobile Development Our mobile Software Development services are highly accessible to any business. Mobile technology is growing rapidly, gaining over 35% of market shares. A significant percent of enterprises already plan to acquire mobile applications, and companies of various sizes will join them in using advanced techniques to approach the market and achieve their business goals. Our stellar Onebitsoft team is fully capable of optimizing on this new and rapidly growing facet of technology.
Database Development and Management explains all aspects of database design, access, implementation, application development, and management, as well
Database Devlopment and management Cutting edge database software that will enable our customers to build breakthrough applications and solve database management problems rapidly and easily. The company aims to boost customer productivity in solving DBM tasks and custom applications. We focus on traditional and interactive DBMS.

Customer Analytics and Reporting
Custom Report Development Onebitsoft Customer Report Solutions enhance reporting capabilities and improve business visibility. From small installations to enterprise solutions, we help our customers reduce costs by enabling users to get real time access to the information they need, when they need it. Customer reporting solutions provide critical information that impacts an enterprise
Insight's Networking Solutions will help you secure your data, expand your reach and create a network that positions your organization for growth.
Network Solution , We provide cost-effective, easily understandable to comprehensive and custom based network solutions(MISSING",")covering most networking problems for small and large-scale companies.
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Consultancy & Outsourcing Service Onebitsoft has got your back in all situations. When you are technologically “in over your head” and your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, just contact us and find our Outsourcing and Consulting team at your services on unmatchable rates.
A service provided by a hardware or software company which provides registered users with help and advice about their products
Techincal Support Onebitsoft’s software technical support, 24/7 Help desk support, Remote Managed Services, Inquiry/Complaint resolution and outsourcing services are trained to satisfy our customers queries and needs. We work around the clock, providing a host of end user support options yielding high customer satisfaction levels.

The expertise our team possess embraces latest and most effective web, mobile and software development technologies.Team & Expertise


IT management is the discipline whereby all of the information technology  resources of a firm business and technology management to work as a creative , synergistic, and collaborative team  instead of a purely mechanistic span of control.


Application Technology
                            Artificial Intelligence
                            BSS / OSS
                            Business Continuity
                            Business Transformation
                            Capital Budgets
                            Change Management
                            Data Centre Operations
                            Data Gathering
                            Database Administration
                            Disaster Recovery
                            End-User Support
                            Enterprise Systems
                            Fault Analysis
                            Information Security
                            Infrastructure Development
                            LAN / WAN
                            Mergers and Acquisitions
                            Multiplatform Integration
                            Needs Assessment
                            Network Administration
                            Process Reengineering
                            Product Launch
                            Product Testing
                            Program Management
                            Project Management
                            Quality Assurance
                            Research & Development
                            Resource Management
                            Root Cause Analysis
                            Software Configuration
                            Solutions Delivery
                            Systems Administration
                            Systems Configuration
                            Systems Deployment
                            Technical Documentation
                            Training & Development
                            Vendor Management
                            Web Based Technology
                            Workflow Management
                            Yield Management


                            Application Development
                            Attention to Detail
                            Big Data
                            Business Analytics
                            Business Intelligence
                            Business Process Modeling
                            Cloud Computing
                            Content Strategy
                            Content Management
                            Critical Thinking
                            Customer Support
                            Data Analysis
                            Data Analytics
                            Data Intelligence
                            Data Mining
                            Data Science
                            Data Strategy
                            Data Storage
                            Database Administration
                            Desktop Support
                            Emerging Technologies
                            File Systems
                            Help Desk
                            Information Systems
                            Integrated Technologies
                            IT Manager
                            IT Optimization
                            IT Security
                            IT Soft Skills
                            IT Solutions
                            IT Support
                            Logical Thinking
                            Microsoft Office
                            Mobile Applications
                            Network Operations
                            Operating Systems
                            Problem Solving
                            Product Development
                            Product Support
                            Product Management
                            Product Training
                            Project Management
                            Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
                            Self Motivated
                            Self Starting
                            Software Development
                            Software Engineering
                            Software Quality Assurance (QA)
                            Systems Software
                            Team Building
                            Team Oriented
                            Tech Skills Listed by Job
                            Tech Support
                            Technical Services
                            Tech Skills Listed by Job
                            Technical Support
                            Technical Writing
                            Time Management
                            Technical Writing
                            UI / UX
                            User Experience Design
                            Web Development
                            Web Design
                            Work Independently


How To Create Your Own Information Technology Work Experience


Tech’s Information Technology and Management program offers an innovative learning experience where students work on cutting-edge projects Student projects are mentored by IIT faculty who guide the progress and ensure that in addition to learning it, students can


Information technology (IT) is the application of computers to store, study, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. IT is considered a subset of information and communications technology


Our team whom we refer to as bees, is comprised of specialists in the field of IT. With competencies fitting an elaborate skills matrix. By synergizing or combining their core competencies, we get a network of brainpower that provides our clients with a variety of solutions to any particular problem. This results in greater efficiency of the interactive applications designing. We work relentlessly to provide our employees with the best available work environment. We positively reinforce customer focus and goals-driven work ethics. We make sure that our bees feel motivated to meet their targets. We have programs and trainings to keep our bees’ in-sync with the fast paced, and ever-changing work environment. We provide our bees the sense of ownership and freedom that helps unleash their creative problem solving skills.


Today, the world of technology advances by a million steps, every minute, as compared to just a decade ago.We at Onebitsoft understand the need for any business to be up-to-date with the changing trends in technology. Our team at Onebitsoft has technical skill-sets matching the in-vogue technology trends in the IT-market place. We maintain a wide-spectrum of technical expertise enabling us to deal with the diverse technology needs of our clientele. We periodically recruit ‘in-the-know’ specialists with proven skills in a specific technology. We strongly believe in recruiting people with a strong passion for technology rather than key-pounding software professionals, which reflects our rigorous recruitment process.


Whether you are thinking about launching a sophisticated application for your new business, looking for a provider to maintain your existing application, or simply need a fast and reliable keypunch operator, our skills lab has a solution just an email away. In addition to many other services, we provide full-time dedicated staff with global scheduling for outsourcing work, so that clients can get runtime response during their local business hours. Our objective is to provide a reliable IT service that does not end when a job is completed. All our IT services have planned training and handover schedules, always keeping you and your staff in control.


Our Bees are a balanced mix of highly experienced technology gurus and, the tech savvies with out of the box, fresh talent. Onebitsoft has an experience of serving the industry for over 10 years. We have provided services to a variety of industries (Government, Television, Insurance, Print Media, etc.) and gained expertise after years of dedication and hard work. We incorporate talent into Onebitsoft’s workforce from many different industries, providing a perfect platform for them to utilize their creative potential.


It is imperative to us that the right technology is implemented to provide a direct solution to the organization. Clients bring us their ideas, and we provide the insight, tools, provide necessary and expertise to bring their ideas to market in the form of a functional product. Our computer engineers enjoy coordinating large-scale projects and understand software or hardware development cycles. With your coordination our project development team can deliver high-quality tools on time. We are qualified to understand, derive tools and right support for hardware bring-up, from bootstrapping, to seeds, to customer-ship.


Information technology (IT) is the heart of any organization. All departments rely on professional and skilled IT people like us at Onebitsoft, for the proper functioning of their organizations. Information technology is the medium through which businesses communicate intra and inter organizations. IT helps businesses manage Inventory, Data, Information Systems, Customer relationships, and the flickering global markets demands. Businesses need to purchase software packages and hardware to run their operations. Large enterprises either have their own IT departments or they outsource, where again, Onebitsoft can save the day for you by providing highly dependable services. You can rely on our proficient bees for all your technology needs. Our bees (workforce) are fully loaded with technological skills on multiple platforms such as Web, Desktop, Graphics, Mobile and Network technologies.


At Onebitsoft dreams are turned into realities. After spending months on gathering information, design & analysis, our team has successfully developed a high performance, rich interface; windows based application for media industry using top technologies.
TimeSheet Professional is used to track and manage projects across a wide range of information technology companies, including IT services companies
Timesheet Management
The HR Team maintains complete and accurate information about employees to ensure timely payment of compensation, develop career paths, and provide
Chow Choice
IT project management is the process of planning, organizing and delineating responsibility for the completion of an organizations' specific information technology (IT) goals. IT project management includes overseeing projects for software development, hardware installations
Project Management
Software applications developer. Information security analyst. Computer systems analyst. Database administrator. Management analyst. Computer network architect
Job Management
This appointment schedule is for the Computer and Information Technology Advisor, Carol Stander. If your major is Computer Science or Information Technology
Bid and Ride

In management, information technology consulting (also called IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory) as a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving theirConsultancy

Consultancy & Outsourcing Service Onebitsoft has got your back in all situations. When you are technologically “in over your head” and your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, just contact us and find our Outsourcing and Consulting team at your services on unmatchable rates.

Senior level Consultant

1 - 120 Hours
120+ Hours

Mid level Consultant

1 - 120 Hours
120+ Hours

Onebitsoft is a product + project development and consultancy firm. We have certified and highly experienced technology gurus at Onebitsoft ensuring success at all our endeavors. Our expert team makes it their mission that our clients and customers reach their desired IT goals, through employing our services.About Us

Onebitsoft, is based in New York, USA and offices in India and Pakistan. We have a team of experts and our IT engineers making Onebitsoft a one-stop shop for all your technology needs, whether your business is in the startup phase or an established industry.

We work strenuously to provide demand based, customized, IT products and project development services to our prestigious customers.

Our goal is to provide “the right products, in the right place, at the right time”.

Our team at Onebitsoft takes pride in providing the key to success to our customers. We are in the market to build lasting relationships by being your go-to IT skills and solutions lab.

We weigh all of our decisions and implement the ones that give maximum benefit to our clients.

Onebitsoft is a leading Information Technology Company for Corporate or Business IT Solutions. Onebitsoft offers business consulting,Contact us

Please contact us and let us help you.