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Our team whom we refer to as bees, is comprised of specialists in the field of IT. With competencies fitting an elaborate skills matrix. By synergizing or combining their core competencies, we get a network of brainpower that provides our clients with a variety of solutions to any particular problem. This results in greater efficiency of the interactive applications designing. We work relentlessly to provide our employees with the best available work environment. We positively reinforce customer focus and goals-driven work ethics. We make sure that our bees feel motivated to meet their targets. We have programs and trainings to keep our bees’ in-sync with the fast paced, and ever-changing work environment. We provide our bees the sense of ownership and freedom that helps unleash their creative problem solving skills.

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Today, the world of technology advances by a million steps, every minute, as compared to just a decade ago.We at Onebitsoft understand the need for any business to be up-to-date with the changing trends in technology. Our team at Onebitsoft has technical skill-sets matching the in-vogue technology trends in the IT-market place. We maintain a wide-spectrum of technical expertise enabling us to deal with the diverse technology needs of our clientele. We periodically recruit ‘in-the-know’ specialists with proven skills in a specific technology. We strongly believe in recruiting people with a strong passion for technology rather than key-pounding software professionals, which reflects our rigorous recruitment process.


Whether you are thinking about launching a sophisticated application for your new business, looking for a provider to maintain your existing application, or simply need a fast and reliable keypunch operator, our skills lab has a solution just an email away. In addition to many other services, we provide full-time dedicated staff with global scheduling for outsourcing work, so that clients can get runtime response during their local business hours. Our objective is to provide a reliable IT service that does not end when a job is completed. All our IT services have planned training and handover schedules, always keeping you and your staff in control.


Our Bees are a balanced mix of highly experienced technology gurus and, the tech savvies with out of the box, fresh talent. Onebitsoft has an experience of serving the industry for over 10 years. We have provided services to a variety of industries (Government, Television, Insurance, Print Media, etc.) and gained expertise after years of dedication and hard work. We incorporate talent into Onebitsoft’s workforce from many different industries, providing a perfect platform for them to utilize their creative potential.


It is imperative to us that the right technology is implemented to provide a direct solution to the organization. Clients bring us their ideas, and we provide the insight, tools, provide necessary and expertise to bring their ideas to market in the form of a functional product. Our computer engineers enjoy coordinating large-scale projects and understand software or hardware development cycles. With your coordination our project development team can deliver high-quality tools on time. We are qualified to understand, derive tools and right support for hardware bring-up, from bootstrapping, to seeds, to customer-ship.

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